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Scott Doucet: The Podcast Discovery Center – A Safe Haven for Podcasters to Master Their Craft (AoL 080)

As we heard in the AoL session with Chris Ripka, podcasting has been around for quite awhile – just not the form that we’re all used to.

However, it seems that only recently it’s been catching on as a popular medium. I mean, for me, it’s still hard to believe that 36% of all people 18 years old or older have listened to a podcast sometime in their life. I still find myself explaining what it is to most people who don’t know what AoL is.

But once I do describe it, they’re blown away by it’s potential and many even ask “how do I get started?”.

Currently I’m working on a solution for that question, but in the meantime, I often tell them to check out Facebook groups – especially the Podcast Discovery Center (PDC).

As co-founder of the PDC, today’s guest is dedicated in making the members of the PDC feel like they’re part of the family. As you’ll find out, Scott Doucet has had plenty of experience in other larger podcast groups, and what he and his co-founder Anthony found out is that many times those groups like to push an agenda.

The only thing that the PDC wants to push is the success of your show.

In this conversation, I ask him more about how he got started as a podcaster, more about that foundation of the group, and we also find out more about his own business and how he can help you if you’re looking to create a podcast for your business.

As always, thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • How did Scott get into podcasting? 6:00
  • What was behind starting the Podcast Discovery Center (PDC)? 9:35
  • What kind of creative influences did he have growing up? 11:34
  • How did Scott and Anthony hook up to create the PDC? 12:24
  • How exactly is the PDC setup to be different than other podcast groups? 14:47
  • Has the themed format that the PDC utilizes day to day worked in creating engagement? 16:17
  • What is Scott’s recommendation for starting a group with a similar spirit to the PDC? 19:50
  • How did he build enough business as a podcast consultant in a matter of months that he now has a waiting list. 21:48
  • What worries Scott about the future of podcasting? 32:58
  • How would he recommend to a podcast purist to monetize their show? 38:49
  • How to find out who’s listening to your show? 43:31
  • What’s coming up for Scott in the rest of 2017? 46:41
  • Scott’s top 3 favorite influences? 49:42
  • Hardest thing he’s had to say no to? 50:53
  • Something he believed when he was 25 but no longer believes today? 51:30
  • What are three truths he’s learned over time? 53:06
  • What does it mean to live a life of abundance? 54:45
  • … and MUCH more!

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Editing Guru Cody Boyce on using an iPhone as a pretty good mic:

Carey Green giving a few tips in how to make your shows easier to find:

Arne Giske’s promo of the Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast Session 8:

Scott does some admin work:

scott doucet
podcast discovery center
scott doucet
podcast discovery center

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