Allie McAdam

Allie McAdam: Secrets of Being a Young Successful Mompreneur (AoL 016)

Creators are generally a different breed than most. Many times, we find ourselves trying to fit into a world that is so focused on consumerism, that we Creators are kinda looked at funny when we tell people what we do.

Even this past Christmas, I found myself having to explain to multiple family members what it was that I was doing. They still live in a world where they get up before the crack of dawn and are in bed early in the evening to do it all again the next day.

As a night owl, that was never going to work for me. Let alone the fact that, in the long run, I don’t take orders very well. It’s never been in my personality. (The longest I ever held a job was for 2 years!) In the end, I have no choice other to be an entrepreneur.

Our next guest, is no different. In fact, as a young Millennial, Allie McAdam found herself kicking authority as well. In fact, like many of us entrepreneurial creators, she calls herself happily unemployable. She knew this as she was going through high school and when she graduated in 2013, she knew that she wasn’t going to be going to college.

However, the story doesn’t end there. In 2014 she also had her first child. So that makes her a Mompreneur! So she had to grow things quickly to be able to support her kid.

How was she able to be a new mom and a new business owner? That’s what we talk with her in this session about.

So, if you’re a young business owner who’s thinking about having kids (like me!) or you’re a young parent and thinking about starting a business, then you won’t want to miss this discussion between Trin, myself, and Allie.


  • How she got into web development.
  • Why gaming can be a good thing
  • What has helped her succeed in life as a young mom.
  • What her definition of happiness is.
  • Does she resonate more with the “younger” or “older” Millennial
  • Her thoughts of being an independent thinker and how that’s gotten her into trouble in the past.
  • The importance of mentorship.
  • What she thinks is trending in the expert space and the importance of being genuine
  • How mompreneurs can foster a work-life balance
  • Why she loves Blab so much and her perception of Twitter and Instagram.
  • How to pick a tattoo you can live with
  • …and MUCH more.

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In this episode’s show note extras, here are some items that relate directly to the family and entrepreneurship.

First up is Jill Salzman’s Founding Moms. It’s a collective of offline meetups and online resources where mom entrepreneurs can exchange, connect and learn from one another. You can see Jill discussing how Mom’s make great Entrepreneurs here:

Next are two links for entrepreneurial dads.

First up is Startup Dad HQ with Joel Lewis.

It is a great resource for Dad’s who want to or have started a business. Started in 2014, Joel says that he wants to use Startup Dad HQ to “help Dads be fully engaged in every aspect of their child(ren) life and at the same time pursue their dreams of building a business that will not only afford them the lifestyle they want for their family but also leave a MARK on this world and a LEGACY behind.”

Next is ‘trep Life Dad with James Oliver, Jr.

On treplifedad, James shares the joys and pains of running a tech startup ( and raising a family.

And last, I have a great video of Cameron Herold who talks about how teaching kids to entrepreneurs can actually be a good thing.

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