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Going North! – A Practical Guide in Bettering Yourself through Self Empowerment with Dom Brightmon (AoL 133)

Anyone that has had a significant amount of success in their lives have probably done a fair amount of listening to those who have had more experience.

When you’re thinking about sports, for example, there’s no team that has been successful without having coaches and a front office who perform well at their jobs.

Likewise, in business and in the self-help world, it’s good practice to take advice from people who have been where you’re wanting to go.

Today’s guest, is all about enabling people to get out of their own way and be more successful. He does this through his podcast, on stage, and through his book “Going North!”.

His name is Dominique Brightmon and in today’s conversation we chat about the importance of mentorship and all he’s learned as a 20-something entrepreneurial educator.



  • How has Dom’s past in the church set him up for success today? 10:49
  • Who are some of his mentors who have contributed to where he’s at today? 13:28
  • What inspired Dom to write his first book? 17:12
  • What’s the super power he has obtained from working at a library? 19:00
  • How can someone avoid being lost in a strictly Positive Mental Attitude mindset? 20:57
  • What are some of the things that Dom has learned as he’s been building his podcast? 23:26
  • What does he have planned for his 100 session of the Going North Podcast? 26:49
  • Has Dom had any memorable moments that come to mind during his first year of podcasting? 29:57
  • What kind of takeaways has he heard from his audience? 32:45
  • What does he want to accomplish the rest of the year? 34:14
  • Which are Dom’s 3 favorite influential podcasts to listen to? 37:32
  • Is there a recent plot twist he’s seen in day to day life? 38:24
  • What is one gift that he likes giving others? 41:30
  • Is there something that he thinks all high school students should know? 41:55
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 42:29

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