Save Money, Feed People, Grow Your Business – How LVRG.IT is Helping the New Entrepreneur as a Social Venture with Cam Martinez (AoL 152)

Back in session 55, Laila and I had the opportunity to pick the brain of Summer Edwards. Outside of Veronica (who was still running her tech company), she was the first entrepreneur I had on the show who we could label as a social entrepreneur. This type of entrepreneur is someone who not only creates a business, but that business could be called a social venture – a business that has a social mission empowering it.

Since then, I’ve met all kinds of social entrepreneurs and they all have one thing in common. They’re creating something by themselves or with others that not only affects a large amount of people in a positive way, but is sustainable.

Traditionally when many nonprofits start out, they do so thinking that they’ll be funded by governmental grants or strictly through donations and fundraising. However, they tend to leave one concept on the table – partnering with companies who care about their cause.

In this session, we find out about a company which not only offers a great service through their membership, but has a passion in feeding people around the world. Obviously, they can’t do the work themselves, so that’s where a nonprofit who is already doing that comes into play.

It’s a win-win for both organizations.

So join me as I speak with one of the founders of LVRG, Cam Martinez, and learn more about his journey as a young entrepreneur and where this great idea came from.



  • Has Cam always seen himself as running his own business? 10:43
  • What was it about Tai Lopez that restarted his interest in developing his own business? 13:12
  • What kind of barriers did he experience getting started in the business world? 16:06
  • How did Cam start his relationship with his future partner Sylvania in making 18:46
  • What process did Cam and Sylvania utilize to find the right partner companies? 25:50
  • When did Cam realize that leveraging his network was vital to having success? 29:46
  • Why did Cam and Sylvania specifically partner with the nonprofit that they’re working with? 33:49
  • What’s Cam looking forward to in the near future? 38:21
  • If he could add a song, a book, and a film to the national curriculum, what would they be? 41:10
  • What message is out there which a disservice to youth? 42:54
  • What is something he believed when he was 18 but doesn’t believe today? 44:41
  • What tip does Cam have regarding traveling? 47:02
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 48:41


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