The Emperor of Books on Empire Road

Somewhere on a road in South Africa is a homeless man. This homeless man, is no beggar, however. Instead, he earns by adding value to those around him. How? By doing something that is so inherently simple but so removed from his current condition that it’s kinda out of this world.

Philani reviews books. Not only does he review the books, but he also reviews authors AND publishers as well. The guy is amazing. To have that kind of knowledge, you have to have to read a ton!

When asked why he doesn’t sell drugs, he says, “I hate what drugs can do to you. You continue on into a money making machine.”

Watch more about Philani below:

In a world where people are looking for the next handout, this should serve as motivation for them to add their voice to the world. This guy is homeless – but yet he has it figured out. He’s adding value to the world and I’d be surprised that he’s on the street that much longer. Comment below on how you are or could possibly add value to the world.

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