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Tim Paige – There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is: Discovering How to Get Into Voice Acting (AoL 116)

Voice acting is something that a lot of people don’t think about, yet we probably hear it everyday. It’s one of those things that if done well, is not noticeable – but when it’s done poorly, you can’t help but notice.

As a podcaster, I’ve learned to appreciate good audio as well as vocals. One guy that I’ve known for several years has made it his business to be great at vocals.

And as you’ll find in this interview with our guest, Tim Paige, being a voice actor doesn’t come automatically. Just like any other craft, you have to work at it.

In today’s chat, we’ll find out why he chose voice acting as a career, how he broke into it, and why he’s happy at the level he’s at.



  • How did Tim get started with The Foundation? 10:02
  • How did he get into voice acting? 12:09
  • How did Tim eventually get become the webinar guy for Leadpages? 14:09
  • What gave him the confidence to get into voice acting? 19:06
  • What’s a common misconception that people have about voice acting? 22:02
  • How did Tim arrive to a point in his career where he was doing voice overs for big shows including Jimmy Kimmel? 27:06
  • How does one find a voice over coach? 32:02
  • What’s a topic Tim would never do a webinar for? 36:14
  • What kind of teas do we each like? 38:18
  • Why does he prefer working with service based business vs product based ones? 43:06
  • What’s Tim looking forward to in 2018? 52:32
  • Tim’s favorite top influencers are? 55:03
  • Hardest thing that he’s had to say no to? 55:49
  • What’s something that isn’t as bad as he thought it would be? 56:35
  • Which three truths has he learned over time that he’d share with others? 56:59

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