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Creating Big Events through Small Details: Why Virtual Summits are the New Webinars with Jaime Slutzky (AoL 076)

As a creative, one of the biggest ways to get your name out on the web these days are through is through webinars.

You show up, give your presentation on your topic, and then, if everything goes right, you’ll soon see people signing up for your newsletter or, better yet, buying from you.

However, in a world where there are those of us who haven’t made a name for ourselves, or simply want to have a large event, a solo webinar might not be the best choice for you to promote your services or products.

That’s where virtual summits come in.

Like a conference, a virtual summit is a collection of speakers discussing one topic.

But unlike a conference, you can host it on the web like a webinar. Which is great! Virtually no overhead and no one has to travel to receive the information.

In my chat with Jaime Slutzky, founder of Virtual Summits Tech, we discuss more about the topic of virtual summits, how she got into helping people with them, and some of the keys that will make your next one a success.

As always, thanks for listening, and enjoy the show!


  • How Jaime got started in Computer Science as her major. 7:28
  • What got her interested in being in web design? 11:51
  • What made her pull the trigger to kick her corporate job? 14:00
  • How did her immediate circle of influence take the news she was leaving her corporate job? 15:19
  • Where did her first clients come from? 16:50
  • What early hurdles did Jaime overcome in starting her business? 21:09
  • What is a virtual summit? 26:08
  • Why would someone host a virtual summit vs hosting their own webinar? 27:31
  • What are some of the key parts to having a successful virtual summit? 28:48
  • How exactly does Jaime help her clients with their virtual summits? 32:01
  • How does someone find the right kind of guests for a virtual summit? 37:46
  • What’s Jaime looking forward to helping people with in 2017? 41:34
  • Who are three influencers in Jaime’s career? 44:05
  • One gift she likes giving others 45:01
  • What would she do tomorrow if woke up as the 10 year old version of herself with her memories intact? 46:53
  • What is one thing all high school students must know? 48:59
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 49:54
  • … and MUCH more!

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virtual summit tech
virtual summit tech
virtual summit tech

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