what to do when depressed

Surviving the Troughs of Life: What to Do When You’re Depressed with Anthony Hayes (AoL 087)

Depression can be a heck of a struggle – and it can hit us at any time. For creatives, depression can be triggered by the simple feeling of being alone because no one understands what it is you’re trying to do. For a lot of people, though, it can set in from life not going the way we’d expect it to.

Personally, I went through depression 3 times in my first two years of college. I was used to being great in my academic studies and all of a sudden, I wasn’t. Eventually I found out that the cause of my depression was due to my major, and I switched soon thereafter.

For our guest, Anthony Hayes, he realized back in 2004 that he was chronically depressed himself. He set out on a mission to figure out how to not only get out of it, but then to not fall back into it ever again. Besides coming up with his M5 strategy, he also has written a book on the matter, and continues to help others with the problem.

Besides this mission, he’s the host of Me, Myself, and I Radio, and co-founder of the Facebook Community – Podcast Discovery Center.

Join us as we find out more about this journey of his and the purpose of his work that he does today.

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  • How did Anthony realize that he was severely depressed? 9:55
  • How does he keep from entering into his troughs in life? 19:08
  • What was the purpose behind Anthony writing his book? 23:29
  • What’s Anthony’s podcast about and who should be listening? 27:13
  • What prompted Anthony to join Scott Doucet in creating the PDC? 33:25
  • What’s Anthony’s M5 Strategy and what effect they’ve had on his life? 39:27
  • What’s the big ambitions for Anthony in 2017? 47:10
  • 3 Top Favorite Books? 50:00
  • One thing he wishes was still a thing? 50:42
  • One gift that he likes giving others? 53:41
  • What’s one thing that all high school students must know? 54:25
  • How can someone be a difference maker in their community? 54:46
  • … and MUCH more!

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Anthony on the Importance of Goals as a Podcaster:

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what to do when depressed what to do when depressed what to do when depressed what to do when depressed

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