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Albert Winks on Building Ascension Mentorship – A New Kind of Networking (AoL 071)

Networking meetings, meetups, Facebook groups.

These are just a few places where entrepreneurs go to meet others in their quest to build their businesses.

But what does being a part of these groups do for the member?

What is it about that particular group that sets it different then all the other ones out there?

That differentiation will make or break the group in the long run.

Those that are put together well are often thought of as villages because the people are seen as a tribe.

Join us in this chat as we discover what makes a good village and how you might be able to get involved with one yourself.


  • What’s Al’s background? 6:48
  • When did Al know it was time to get out of the military? 15:22
  • What kind of creative influences did he have growing up? 20:19
  • Some of the Al’s thoughts on military influence in pop culture. 24:02
  • What’s Ascension Mentorship really all about? 19:56
  • What kind of businesses are involved with Ascension? 36:27
  • How can someone build their own functional offline community? 43:10
  • What the Veteran Leadership Coalition is about and who should be interested. 50:23
  • Al’s Top 3 Favorite Books 56:41
  • Something under $100 that has changed his life. 59:06
  • Something he believed as a 30 year old but doesn’t now. 1:01:12
  • … and MUCH more!

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Dr. David Rock on the SCARF Model:

Patrick Lencioni on one of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team:

John Maxwell introduces his book Intentional Living:

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ascension mentorship ascension mentorship ascension mentorship

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