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Felipe Frietag: Business Pivoting, Focus, and Online Content Marketing Done Right (AoL 057)

Of course you’re worried about your business idea. Of course you don’t want to put all the time and effort into building a business only to realize there was a mistake built into the idea that will forever stunt it’s growth.

But how do you know if something that comes along is better than what you were already doing?

How do you know it’s time to put something that you poured into onto a shelf, say “It’s not working as well as I’d like.” and start doing something else?

In today’s session, content artist, Felipe Frietag talks about how he essentially stumbled onto the business he has today.

Even though that’s not what he started off doing. In fact, he started off as a trainer and coach.

We talk about his artwork, when he knew it was time to pivot, why he’s focused on providing his particular type of service, and what counts as good content marketing.




  • What’s a Brazilian education like and what was his experience with it? 7:22
  • What made him want to set out on his own? 10:16
  • What were some of his first attemps at creating his own business? 11:47
  • The first time he was inspired by hearing a story of a successful entrepreneur. 17:18
  • What gave him the idea that his drawings were something that was needed in market? 19:54
  • How long does it take for him to do one drawing and what’s the process like? 22:14
  • What kind of flexibility has he received by just focusing on one area of his business? 28:39
  • Why do people need content marketing in the first place? 30:27
  • What are some examples of bad content marketing? 33:38
  • What’s makes his drawings different than the “hand animations”? 41:26
  • How he believes he can leverage the success that he has with the drawings. 45:27
  • Who are his top 3 favorite influencers? 47:59
  • What are his top go to podcasts? 50:20
  • Something he believed as a 25 year old but now thinks is wrong and why? 54:00
  • What Felipe believes all high school students should start practicing. 55:44
  • What does “living a life of abundance” mean to him? 57:13
  • What are some steps that someone can take to find a business they should be working on if they’re struggling with one they currently have. 58:49
  • … and MUCH more!

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Felipe’s Notes on SPI Podcast 224

Notes for GaryVee on scaling

GaryVee on long form content marketing

Brené Brown on Vulnerability

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