Joey Chandler: Delivering the Best Version of You through Personal Tribute Videos (AoL 060)

In today’s world, people are not used to compliments. In fact, they’re used to the opposite – complaints.

When people are asked why they dread going to work, one of the most common responses is, “I feel like I don’t belong.”

Part of that can be attributed to only being reprimanded when they do something bad. Not necessarily be thanked when they actually perform well on the job.

Today’s guest, Joey Chandler, is trying to change that – one person at a time.

Through his work via You Are Videos, people get to actually hear good things about themselves for once.

In this chat, we find out how he stumbled into his new profession of being a video producer. And we also learn how you can become a videographer and find your first clients.



  • How did he get into making montage videos for people? 8:56
  • What his videos do for those he makes them for. 12:22
  • How did he originally get into photography? 13:56
  • What spurred Joey to make the leap of faith to becoming a professional photographer? 17:28
  • Even with his success there, why did Joey opt to go the online route with 19:32
  • How does he prompt people to come out with good material for his videos? 23:14
  • How he would recommend someone become a videographer. 24:50
  • What would Joey recommend to find those early clients that can help you grow? 32:30
  • What his inspirational newsletter is all about and what possessed him to start it. 34:48
  • What are 3 books he likes telling other people about? 48:04
  • One gift that he likes giving others? 51:05
  • What he thinks all high school students should know. 53:26
  • One thing under $100 that has changed his life? 54:18
  • Three truths he’s learned. 54:39
  • … and MUCH more!

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An Example of a You Are Video Tribute:

Reaction of a You Are Video Recipient, Coach Chad:

Joey’s Appreciation Challenge:

Funk to Flow Intro:

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