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Greg S. Reid – Ok, Now What? Tips For Getting Ahead in Life and Business After the Pandemic (AoL 175)

As the world heads back to a post pandemic normal, more people find themselves wondering about getting ahead of the new status quo.

As we move forward, once again many people are realizing (again) the future is uncertain. Just like security was a big concern after 9/11, corporate wellness is going to be a huge topic moving forward. Corporations, being the relatively static entities they are, prefer to have all their ducks in a row. The more predictable the future is, the better they look to their investors.

So one would think that part of the new status quo is going to be maintaining a healthy workplace and workforce. Is a business capable of properly reacting to potential future waves of this (and other) diseases?

For us creative entrepreneur types, we know that with uncertainty comes big opportunity. So that’s why in the last couple of months, my business partners and I have been working on starting a wellness consulting business.

If the corporations want to go digging for gold ( in wellness), then we’re more than happy to help them find the tools they need.

Even if you don’t have the expertise to capitalize directly on the new status quo, there will be more than enough room for to indirectly capitalize on it.

For example, perhaps you’re an artist. Is there a way for you to use the technology everyone has become accustomed to using to get more people around your work? (Yes, virtual art shows…)

As we speak with this session’s guest, Greg Reid, Veronica and I learn a little bit about the mindset he’s used in getting ahead himself – now and in the future.

If you’ve not heard from Greg before, then today might be one of those days which changes the trajectory of those that follow.



  • How did Greg get in a position where he was able to capitalize on opportunities when they came along? 8:50
  • What has having connections done for Greg? How can someone start getting ahead by building strategic connections? 17:46
  • How does he stay relevant to all the people who’s in the Switchboard? 21:48
  • From Greg’s perspective, why is good etiquette and preparedness so important to success? 24:07
  • What behaviors should people work on if they’re serious about building their own dream or an empire? 27:13
  • What’s Greg excited for in 2020? 35:23
  • Who are his current top 3 influencers who have helped him get to where he’s at today? 38:54
  • What gift does he like giving others? 39:57
  • How can someone tell the difference between a Credible Source vs someone who’s trying to fake it until they make it? 42:18
  • What’s advice out there is a disservice to youth? 43:21
  • What would be found in the “Guide to Being a Creative” handbook? 44:36
  • According to Greg, what’s it mean to live a life of Abundance? 46:07


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