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Manuj Aggarwal – Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness Daily: Why Searching Within Can Lead to Our Next Big Opportunity (AoL 162)

When it comes to achievement in the creative space, you have to put in the actual work to get there. However, we’re not just talking about performing a particular skill like you would in a job, though. In fact, it starts with building one’s mindset. And one way to work on one’s mindset is through the form of practicing mindfulness or perform meditation.

In this session, we’re talking to Manuj Aggarwal who knows all about this world. Interestingly enough, when he lived in India, he never had an interest in this knowledge. However, as he moved to the western world, he realized that it had some real benefits.

In this conversation with Manuj, Andy and I have the chance to find out what this journey looked like like for him – including when he realized he needed to start.



  • What was Manuj’s perspective on formal education growing up? 10:54
  • How did he make the time to seek the knowledge to get ahead in his career? 12:20
  • What does mindfulness and meditation mean to Manuj? 17:44
  • Is there anything wrong with the general population’s perspective on money? 24:32
  • What challenges and new opportunities has he seen running an international business? 28:11
  • Does Manuj see himself as a new trend in startups and entrepreneurship in India? 30:56
  • What’s got Manuj excited for 2020 and beyond? 36:08
  • What’s his advice to those who are 50 years old or beyond and want to stay on top of technology and stay relevant? 40:00
  • If Manuj could add one song, one book, and one film to the national curriculum, what would they be? 43:42
  • Is there something he’s learning about that he’s really excited to implement? 44:41
  • What’s something that every high school student must know? 46:19
  • What’s the best advice he’s ever received? 47:20
  • How does one live a life of abundance? 48:56


Manuj Online: TetraNoodle, Innerget, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
Cohost: Andy Dix
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The Power of Now – Eckart Tolle

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