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Cyndi Walter – Health, Wealth, and Happiness – Why a Positive Mindset and Healthy Lifestyle Should be a Part of Your Business Plan (AoL 163)

Having a healthy lifestyle is something that is brought up time and again in pop culture. However, with all the temptations of fast food, taking it easy, and dealing with stress, many people just simply struggle to do what’s best for them.

However, once you do figure out how to live healthier and learn how to live a positive mindset, achieving your goals gets that much easier. Main reason why is that you won’t constantly feel lethargic and out of energy.

In this session, Andy and I talk with Cyndi Walter who figured out at an early age that looking at the positive side of things makes life not only easier, but more fulfilling as well. Pair that with her experience in the direct sales world since she was in school and it’s no wonder that she has the ability to make an impact in the lives of many others – over 40,000 others in fact.

In this conversation with Cyndi, Andy and I get the chance to hear some of the secrets she’s used to build an amazing business!



  • Why should someone even consider getting started with a direct sales company? 9:00
  • How was Cyndi introduced to the industry? 10:10
  • How does someone become the healthiest version of themselves? 13:53
  • How does she advise clients to make the time to make a healthy lifestyle a priority for themselves? 15:48
  • What kind of connections does she make between mind, body, and total performance? 17:02
  • What’s the biggest misconception Cyndi finds herself helping clients overcome with health and mindset? 18:37
  • What’s the wisest way to think about our food choices? 20:49
  • How has Cyndi been able to position herself in a way online that she’s not conflicting with typical direct sales rules? 23:20
  • What kind of systems does Cyndi have in her working day which have helped her be as successful as she is? 26:06
  • Are there specific strategies she uses to balance family, community, and business in her life? 29:10
  • What are the first signs of someone’s life going out of balance? 31:22
  • What’s Cyndi looking forward to in 2020? 36:51
  • Who are three influences who have launched Cyndi to where she’s at today? 39:15
  • One gift she likes giving others? 41:27
  • What service is out there that’s a disservice to youth? 42:34
  • Is there a message that should be discussed more, but hardly is? 43:38


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