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Tess Wicks – Perspectives on Income: Understanding Money Mindset and Personal Financial Management Strategies (AoL 164)

Personal financial management is a topic that many people really don’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. A lot of the time, the reason for this is that as a society, we’re just not taught how to manage our own money. For those of us who are lucky to have extra to invest, we feel that we need to hire a financial advisor or investor to do the work for us.

While that might be helpful, it’s not a great plan to simply give up the responsibility for our own portfolio. Since the world runs on money, we all should have a good fundamental knowledge of how the game works.

In this session, Veronica and I speak with Tess Wicks. Like many others, Tess didn’t grow up really thinking about money. In fact, the only reason she started learning about the subject was through necessity due to her major and future career.

However, that career didn’t last long. After realizing she wasn’t cut out of the 9 to 5 world and could help others with their knowledge of money, she set out on a mission to educate.

In our chat, we learn about the illusion of job security, her unique digital nomad lifestyle, and why it’s important to set goals in our finances as entrepreneurs.

Having a healthy lifestyle is something that is brought up time and again in pop culture. However, with all the temptations of fast food, taking it easy, and dealing with stress, many people just simply struggle to do what’s best for them.



  • How did Tess get her start in the financial world? 11:07
  • Where did she find her first client as an independent advisor? 15:15
  • What made her focus on helping self employed clients with personal financial management? 15:56
  • How has Tess been able to get around the illusion of job security for herself and with her clients? 19:01
  • What’s the traditional “Digital Nomad” or “World Citizen” lifestyle look like for Tess? 27:16
  • What are some things that someone needs to consider before they travel the world while working? 31:09
  • How does setting goals and “paying yourself first” help her clients with their finances? 35:22
  • What’s Tess excited about in 2020? 42:04
  • Who are three influencers or teachers that have launched her to where she’s at today? 43:31
  • What’s a gift she likes giving others? 46:48
  • What advice does she regularly hear adults giving children that she’d called BS on? 47:13
  • What’s her favorite social custom? 48:08
  • What’s the secret to achieving personal freedom? 48:45


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