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Circling Back to the Beginning: How a Sweat Lodge Realization Opened a Door to True Self and New Opportunities with Eric Finnigan (AoL 103)

Who are you really?

This is the question that so many of struggle with when we’re trying to start our first business. Many of us start businesses to make income to replace our day job, not necessarily worrying if the business we’ve created matches our personality or interests.

When you have yourself figured out, however, you have access to the full potential of what your business can become. Because not only is your mind in it, but your heart is as well.

In this session, Daniel and I have the opportunity to chat with Eric Finnigan.

Having lived what most would call a successful life, he felt as if something was missing. It wasn’t until a visit to a sweat lodge that he realized what that something was. He was living to provide himself a safety net – and that was about it.

It wasn’t going to make him truly happy in the end because he wasn’t living as who he really wanted to be.

Join us as we find out more about more about this past life of his, what made him actually choose to pursue life more fully, where the idea for his 3 companies came from, and why his favorite type of personal development is that which is done through emotional and relational intelligence.

Thanks for spending some time with us and enjoy!


  • Who was the old Eric Finnigan in the corporate world? 14:40
  • Why did Eric move from Syracuse, NY to pursue a career in finance in San Francisco? 17:48
  • Was he trying to impress someone in his old career or was he strictly trying to build his bank account? 19:52
  • When did Eric realize that he wasn’t living his life on his own terms? 22:14
  • How did he eliminate the need for a safety net in his life? 27:22
  • What did his time in Breckenridge, Colorado for him? 27:52
  • How did he become an expressive in his writing and connecting with others? 30:05
  • What gave Eric the idea of starting his first business in copywriting? 34:19
  • What’s the value of practicing copywriting? 37:13
  • What are some skills that new entrepreneurs need to develop or have? 39:39
  • How did he strategically grow this business? 43:45
  • Where did Business Hacking Retreats come from? 47:35
  • What is circling? 54:05
  • Who’s the ideal “customer” for a business hacking retreat? 59:18
  • What’s the intern excellerator? 1:00:04
  • What does Eric mean when he talks about personal development through emotional and relational intelligence? 1:11:19
  • What’s he looking forward to? 1:16:09
  • 3 Top Favorite Influencers? 1:19:18
  • Least Favorite Social Custom? 1:21:07
  • What would he do if he woke up as his 10 year old self with all his memories? 1:23:52
  • Something all high school students must know? 1:25:16
  • What’s it mean to live a life of abundance? 1:26:24
  • … and MUCH more!

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true self true self true self true self

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